Unusual Outreach Request - Beginners welcome! -- NEW DATE

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Unusual Outreach Request - Beginners welcome! -- NEW DATE

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Request for Outreach Volunteers who might not feel ready to do outreach. Beginners welcome! Can you find and follow the Moon or a very bright planet in your scope?

ANY SIZE TELESCOPE, ANY SKILL LEVEL. A few more telescopes needed for "Planets in the Park", officially supported by Minneapolis Parks. Friday, 9/30, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Pershing Field Park, 3523 W. 48th Street, Minneapolis, 55410. SW Minneapolis. ***>>> Very large, flat, easily accessible, nice looking observing field. <<<*** ...Small parking lot, street parking generally OK. Watch the signs.

We will view Jupiter and Saturn. Look great thru any size telescope, very bright, relatively easy to find. Planets near opposition, the closest and brightest these planets can be. Great opportunity for beginners and newbies with telescopes to make a valuable contribution to Astronomy Outreach. Friendly practice showing off your hobby. A fine evening observing with fellow amateurs, with some unknown number -- possibly large numbers, possibly small numbers -- of interested public visitors to share with. Family astronomy. Everyone welcome.

Saturn's rings are as far open as they can be. Jupiter and Saturn are both in the eastern sky after sunset. They are only together like this every few years. Support Astronomy Outreach for the City. MAS has great, amazing public observatories, but almost nothing for people stuck within the city. Students. Families with young Kids. Elderly people. Please help.

Volunteers welcome to show off other bright deep sky object visible from the city: Hercules cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, Alberio, the Ring, etc.

Contact me if you can come. ANY SIZE TELESCOPE, ANY SKILL LEVEL. Welcome with or without a telescope.

Michael Kauper
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