2013LU28 - Occultation Event

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2013LU28 - Occultation Event

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2013LU28 - Occultation Event - 11/26/2023 UT
Support an EU-funded research activity.

I received this e-mail. The e-mail references our Cherry Grove site specifically but the track of the occultation encompasses a wider area for observations and of possible partial occultations. I included an image of the map from the website prediction page.
The estimated midpoint time of the event at Cherry Grove is 07:43:09 UT

From: Damya Souami <damya.souami@obspm.fr>
Subject: 2013LU28 - Occultation event observable from Cherry Grove Observatory on Nov. 26th UT

Message Body:
My name is Damya Souami, I am a researcher at Paris Observatory.

I am reaching out to you about an amazing stellar occultation by a very peculiar trans-neptunian object, which is called 2013LU28. This occultation is observable from Cherry Grove Observatory.
This object is dynamically fascinating as it is on a retrograde orbit with an inclination of ~125° and most importantly it has an amazing eccentricity of 0.954. It will be at its closest at ~5AU in June 2024, and will return at this distance in about 20000 years.

The star is about 14.9 G mag … as can be seen from the prediction page https://lesia.obspm.fr/lucky-star/occ.php?p=125039

We request observations to be made on Nov. 26th between 7:25 and 7:55 UT. As per our group’s policy, all observers are collaborates and therefore be co-authors to the scientific paper (unless they object to it).
The maximum expected duration of the event is 4.4 s, therefore you need high speed acquisition and good timing accuracy.

This is a target of opportunity event, and good events are rare.
Please, let me know if you have any additional questions. I will be happy to discuss with you more the of scientific and technical aspects.


This campaign is carried out under the "Lucky Star" umbrella. Lucky Star is an EU-funded research activity that agglomerates the efforts of the Paris, Granada, and Rio teams. You might be contacted by different people from these three groups, but we are all working together. See Lucky Star web page for details:
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