Unable to send PMs?

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Unable to send PMs?

Post by pkarri »

I've been trying to PM a member for a few days now, but every time I hit "submit" after composing a message, it goes to my "outbox" and stays there. Never gets sent. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Unable to send PMs?

Post by Wayne »

I've noticed that they stay in the outbox until opened by the recipient.

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Re: Unable to send PMs?

Post by Sureshks »

I have always had issues with PM myself. Whenever I try to post a discreet PM it adds it as a regular post.

I've given up on it, and rarely, if ever, initiate a PM anymore.

It's an old system, maybe from the 90s... and really does need to be replaced with something more "modern" that has more functionality.

But the IT people on here will defend it to the last... :lol:

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Re: Unable to send PMs?

Post by clayton »

Wayne wrote: Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:17 pm I've noticed that they stay in the outbox until opened by the recipient.
Wayne is correct.

Also all users can ignore PMs or choose not to be notified depending on their settings in their user profile.

You can contact users via email (if the user allows it) by clicking on the members contact

Or by going to their profile by clicking on their forum name.
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Re: Unable to send PMs?

Post by Deane Clark »

PMs work for me, but it is a clunky system, and I sometimes wonder if people still monitor the email addresses they used when signing up.
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