Newgrange livestream

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Newgrange livestream

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A MUST SEE experience! (even if in the wee hours of the morning here) Newgrange is a bit northwest of Dublin and 6 hours ahead of us in the CST zone in the U.S.

From Barbara Becker to HASTRO-L:

The Office of Public Works has announced that livestreaming of the winter solstice sunrise at Newgrange, which was conducted so successfully last year, will be repeated this year.

This had always been an in-person event for only a limited number of lucky participants selected by lottery each year. When the pandemic forced the site to close to visitors last year, they arranged to have the event livestreamed thus making global participation possible. The event will once again be narrated live by on-site researchers, Frank Prendergast and Clare Tuffy.

Timing is everything, of course, and it may require some inconvenience, but I found it well worth the effort last year and am truly delighted to learn that it will be repeated.

Here’s a link to the Office of Public Works announcement which will be updated as details become available. ... -for-2021/
< ... -for-2021/>


Dr. Barbara J. Becker
History Department
University of California, Irvine
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