December B-SIG Virtual Presentation -- Saturday Dec. 18th -- 1:00pm -- "The Scale of the Universe"

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December B-SIG Virtual Presentation -- Saturday Dec. 18th -- 1:00pm -- "The Scale of the Universe"

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Hi everyone,

The next virtual B-SIG presentation of the 2021-22 Winter season will be on Saturday December 18, starting at 1:00pm.

Dave Falkner, MAS NASA Ambassador and former MAS President, will be presenting ""The Scale of the Universe" - The Great Astronomy Debate of 1920".


"At the turn of the 20th Century there was a divide among astronomers regarding the size of the universe. Some believed the Milky Was was the extent of the universe while others believed the universe was much larger. Dave Falkner will talk about our understanding of the universe from the first century through the 1800's. Then, in April 1920 two astronomers met at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences to debate the nature of deep sky objects known as "spiral nebulae" and the evidence they had regarding the size of the universe. During their presentations other observations and findings were brought up that profoundly changed humanity's perception of our place in the universe. Join Dave to find out what these revelations were and what transpired after the debate that would settle this controversy once and for all."

The "Great Debate" was one of the most important scientific queries of the 20th Century. It led to discoveries later on that further developed our present day understanding of the universe... so come join us!

To join the virtual event, click this link: ... tvT2V0QT09

Note: We will be opening up this link about 10 minutes before the event starts.

We hope you can join us!

Suresh Sreenivasan
MAS Beginner's Group Coordinator
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