January B-SIG Virtual Presentation -- Saturday Jan. 22nd -- 1:00pm -- "Organizing Your Observing Evenings"

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January B-SIG Virtual Presentation -- Saturday Jan. 22nd -- 1:00pm -- "Organizing Your Observing Evenings"

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Hi everyone,

The next virtual B-SIG presentation of the 2021-22 Winter season will be on Saturday January 22, starting at 1:00pm.

Jerry Jones, MAS Observing Co-Chair, will be presenting ""Organizing your observing evenings with - and without - A.L. Observing Projects".


"Have you ever wondered what to observe - or what not to observe - on any given night? Have you ever not gone out observing because you feel you’ve seen everything you can find or that you just need a bigger telescope to find stuff? Have you ever wondered how much you can see with the equipment you have? Have you ever gotten bored with observing and watched reruns of Friends instead? Have you ever wondered about some of the best ways to keep track of your observing nights? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this B-SIG presentation might be for you! “Organizing your observing evenings with - and without - the Astronomical League Observing Projects” will help you understand how to set up each observing evening for success and satisfaction."

Jerry will explain many of the conditions/limitations we don’t often think about that can dramatically change our observing success, and will look at some of the software available to organize them. He will also walk through the Astronomical League Observing Projects, including the steps to the various levels of Master Observer.

Jerry Jones is an Astronomical League recognized Master Observer - Silver Level, and has completed 23 of the Astronomical League Observing Projects. He is the Astronomical League Coordinator for the Minnesota Astronomical Society and the observing co-chair.

To join the virtual event, click this link:
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89162001978?p ... 0yd1NsZz09

Note: We will be opening up this link about 10 minutes before the event starts.

We hope you can join us!

Suresh Sreenivasan
MAS Beginner's Group Coordinator
Suresh Sreenivasan
B-SIG/FB/Metcalf Comm

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