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Welcome / Terms of Use

Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 11:00 am
by Jupiter
If you have something to buy / sell / trade, post it here. Make sure that you post as much information as possible about your item. To make things easier while searching, please post your intentions in the subject.

For Sale: Item Name
Trade: Item Name
Wanted: Item Name

  • The MAS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the ads published on this page, for the quality of the goods advertised or any other aspect of the ads or any resulting transactions.
  • Buyers assume full responsibility for verifying the accuracy of an ad, for any outcome of the interaction with the seller, and for any resulting transaction with the seller.
  • Sellers assume full responsibility for any outcome of the interaction with potential buyers, and for any resulting transactions with those buyers.
  • Only post astronomy type of items. There are other, non-MnAstro places to sell football tickets or home furniture.
  • Ads are automatically purged from the forum 90 days after their most recent post date
Posting an ad in this forum indicates the poster's acceptance of the above terms of use.

Please edit your post and add *SOLD* to your Subject once sold.