Again I am shrugging...

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Ron Schmit
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Again I am shrugging...

Post by Ron Schmit »

Seriously. Why don't I get this?

Why have we got two forums for outreach requests?

"Outreach Requests" forum is supposed to be for non-members to make a request. Someone finds us, and they want to make a request. OK. I would prefer they email us and keep it private, but someone has decided that this would work for the general public. So, OK. Not my call.

But, here we've got members posting, looking for volunteers. As I understand it, that's supposed to happen in the "Outreach" forum. That forum is only for members with a login. "Outreach Requests" forum is in the open. Do we really want to post a time and location for someone's Girl Scout event on the public portion of our site? Even when someone emails, I see us posting their contact information out in the open. We can't get some of our members to use their real names, but we're posting names, dates, phone numbers and email addresses of people that write in out in the open.

Is it the cold, that I don't get this? Am I missing the forest for the trees, or some other apt metaphor? Someone please take me to the woodshed on this.
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Deane Clark
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Re: Again I am shrugging...

Post by Deane Clark »

I see the Outreach Requests forum is supposed to be removed once all the events in it have happened. Wasn't this the case months ago? It could be deleted now, right?
Deane Clark
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Re: Again I am shrugging...

Post by Ricola »

It can go away as far as I'm concerned.
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Re: Again I am shrugging...

Post by Jupiter »

I have removed it.
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